Sunday, November 29, 2009

jobs, museums, stuff

I have had some heinous jobs in my time. I think the worst of the worst was bartending at a sports bar in murray hill, but a close second was waitressing at one of those cafes in that nyu/bleecker street hell vortex where there are shitty "italian" cafes on every corner. I forget which one it was that I worked at (I quit after a day) but I hope it was Le Figaro because that joint just closed, which is for the best, if it actually was the place I worked at. See you in hell, suckers. If it wasn't Le Figaro that I worked at, then I'm sorry, and I hope Le Figaro rests in peace.

Unrelated, here are two museums I'm gonna check out soon.
Queens County Farm Museum

Hot damn, that is one fine lookin sheep! And he makes his home in Queens. Can't wait to meet him.

Also the Urban Archives exhibit at the Bronx Museum.
I've never heard of Lisa Kahane who took the above photo, so maybe this exhibit will be full of lost treasure type stuff. A film I made a few years ago showed at this museum as part of some hip hop festival and that makes me want to support them even more. It's gonna be sick!


  1. Yeah, that part of New York is the worst. I wonder what might take the place of Le Figaro.

  2. fuckin seabreeze!!!
    i'm gonna guess cell phone store, bank or another italian cafe.